What Do I Wear?

The number one question before a headshot session is "what do I wear?" My wife has shown me how complicated this answer can be. Here are seven tips from an article posted on Elite Daily. In summary I'm cutting it down to bullet points with my take on why each point is a win for a headhsot.

  1. Solid Colors -  Prints are distracting and take away from who you are.
  2. Traditional Patterns - If you can't stomach a solid color, then stick to a traditional, less busy, pattern like a plaid or vertical stripe.
  3. Fitted - The best way to look trim in a headshot is to wear a fitted (not skin-tight) shirt. Headshots are shot tight on your face so we don't see much more than the collar and shoulders. If the shirt/jacket is loose, the camera will add 20 pounds (or more!)
  4. Dark Colors - Dark fabrics handle the flash of cameras better and bounce less light up into your face (something that will change your skin tone).
  5. Flattering Necklines - Men don't have much to worry about here. For women, this can be tricky and open to interpretation. V-neck and scoop look good on most women. Avoid lace shoulders, boat neck and strapless.
  6. Classic - Pictures last. Trends don't. Classic is never out of style.
  7. Non-sheer - We've all seen that photo of a woman whose shirt looks see-thru in photos, but wasn't see-thru in real life. Stick to non-sheer and non-lace fabrics for photos.

When in doubt, bring more outfits! As you arrive at your session, you can hang up all of your outfits and we'll talk through the options and what will look best and what we should skip. At the end of the day I want you to look good and to feel good about your headshot. Together we can make that happen!