The Process

What is a typical session? How does the process work? Have you only had senior portraits and maybe wedding portraits taken and don't know where to start? Let me walk you through the process....

Before the Session

  1. Session Selection - Decide which of my three session offerings is right for you.
  2. Book a Session - Find time on my calendar that works with your schedule and reserve your session.
  3. Outfit Selection - Flip through your closet and pick out 5-10 shirts/dresses/jackets and any combination that you think will look good on you for a headshot. Here's some tips on outfit selection.

At the Session

Shooting Blair Walsh, kicker for the Seattle Seahawks, at a meet and greet photo opportunity event.

Shooting Blair Walsh, kicker for the Seattle Seahawks, at a meet and greet photo opportunity event.

  1. Welcome - Handshake and hello. We'll get you situated with some water, coffee, or maybe a glass of wine. Hang up your outfits and we'll flip through them together talking about what you like and the pros/cons I see in each.
  2. Make-up - If you booked make-up, the make-up artist will get to work giving you a photo-ready makeover that accentuates all your best features.
  3. Time to Shoot - We'll get you in front of the bright lights and start playing around with different looks. It will feel strange and first and then you relax and it becomes fun! We'll try different expression, angles and maybe even get you to pantomime holding a sub!

    We'll stop occasionally and review some of the shots on the monitor. I need you to speak up about what you like and don't like in the shots. I can take it! You need to like what we get. The more honest you are with me, the better shots I can get of you!

After the Session

  1. Selections - Together we'll narrow down your selections to a manageable number of potential winning shots. I'll create an online gallery and send you the link and password so you can review and pick out your favorite(s).
  2. Retouching - Once you've made your selections, I'll get to work retouching the headshot. This doesn't mean I'm changing your look. The goal of retouching is to clean it up a bit. Did you have a stray hair or a small blemish? Those can all be cleaned up in the retouching.
  3. Delivery - Once retouching is complete, I'll email you a link so you can download your finished headshot and begin updating your image.