Benefits of Neutral Backgrounds

I shoot headshots in my studio where I can control the light. I want you to be in your best light and be able to highlight your best features. This also means that I shoot on a neutral background.


I prefer the white background, as it is the most versatile for using your headshot for the wide variety of needs you may have. A soft gray is often a good neutral and can help accentuate smoky blue eyes. For an edgier look, the black background works great.

My set-up allows me to quickly switch from one to the other while you touch-up your make-up or straighten your hair. Each background is a roll of paper that rolls up or down one in front of the other. We can try one, two or all three with your outfit to find just the right combination to make you the focus of the image.

Even blurry backgrounds (thin depth of field) can be distracting from the face. Neutral backgrounds minimize distraction and draw the attention to your face. All three of these are great neutrals and allow the background to disappear in your final image while leaving the focus on your expression.