Exposure Triangle

When you’re ready to understand what all your camera can do, this class is the one for you. Learn about “the six settings that matter”, how they impact your images, and how to decide when to control them versus when to let the camera handle it for you (and how!).

  • One night a week, four weeks in a row

  • Two and a half hours per night

  • Small class sizes (maximum 5 per session)

  • Learn how to use what you own today more effectively!

  • Well-equipped learning space

$179 (plus WA state tax)

  • Class is targeted at Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (MILC) and Digital SLR cameras (DSLR). Most point&shoot cameras do not have sufficient control to take advantage of this course.

  • Bring the camera manual, or any “Dummies”, “Magic Lantern”, or similar book you have about YOUR camera.

  • If you have multiple lenses, bring them so we can talk about lens choice along the way. If you have an external flash, we’ll touch on how the exposure triangle and modes factor into the use of flash, so you may wish to bring it, though a built-in flash is likely sufficient for this class.

  • Class cancellation policies:

    • no refunds/transfers/substitutions once class starts

    • transfer/substitution is possible at any point before the class starts

    • refunds are possible with at least three days’ notice before the class starts.