Make An Unforgettable First Impression

Put your best foot forward. Whether you’re seeking a new job or advancing your current role, your headshot defines your image in today’s digital world. Ditch that faded selfie on the beach, or the outdated party shot with someone else cropped out, and step ahead.

First Impressions

It takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. Make that first impression your best impression.

Your headshot is everywhere in the digital world today! Prospective employers have "seen you" long before you walk into their office. Make sure the first impression they see is the very best you possible. Does your online profile photo look like a business headshot? Does your social media profile look like you cut people out of the photo from last summer’s camping trip? Are you walking around with an outdated corporate headshot representing who you used to be?

We will update your social media presence to look approachable and confident and like YOU with a professional headshot.

Business Professional

"I'm just a worker bee. Do I really need a headshot?"

The answer is a resounding, "YES!" and not just because we are headshot photographers. You may not be a part of the theatre industry whose actor headshot is half of your resume, but the fact remains that today we use photos everywhere. Maybe you don’t use your realtor headshot on business cards, for sale signs, and flyers, but having a good headshot allows you to present yourself professionally. You want others to see you both online and in-person with a consistent self-brand. We judge people by their headshots when shopping for services. Doctor headshots are all over the internet from Find-a-Doc to their practice’s website and flyers. Maybe you're not an attorney who has to look tough but approachable in that attorney headshot. You may start with just a Linked In profile photo. Then it becomes your badge photo, your identification photo at the gym and suddenly you're creating contact cards with your headshot to take with you to the latest conference you're attending. While networking and leaving an impression, you become memorable and stand out from the crowd!

Your Headshot Photographer

As your Seattle headshot photographer, we will help you exude confidence in your headshot. Together we will create the impression you want to portray to potential clients or employers. We will lead you in your wardrobe selection, posing techniques and teach you the fine-art of "squinching".

We will identify your "best side" and create a headshot that opens doors, creates opportunities and impresses even your toughest audience (including those ex-es that you want to see how well you're doing without him/her!)

Headshots in Your Office

Does your business need consistent office headshots, new employee staff headshots or someone who can save your executives and employees time with headshots on location? We will pack up our gear and bring the photography studio to you. In one day or a partial day we can spend 5-10 minutes with each employee and consistent headshots for your staff. Need a group photo of the whole staff? We can do that too!


Headshots Near Seattle

As your Redmond Headshot Photographer we are located a short drive from the Microsoft main campus. Our studio is located in Duvall, just east of Redmond. There is parking on the backside of our building with easy access straight into our studio on Main Street in Duvall.