Lighting 1

A class perfect for those who want to learn the basics of light in photography, want to use their on-camera flash better, and want to see some simple, inexpensive ways to shape and control light for better images.

  • One night a week, four weeks in a row

  • Two and a half hours per night

  • Small class sizes (maximum 5 per session)

  • Lighting 1 is a great intro to using and seeing light in photography.

  • Learn how to use what you own today more effectively!

  • Well-equipped learning space and plenty of outdoor options

$199 (plus WA state tax)

  • Students should have a digital camera with either a built-in or external flash attachment.

  • Prior knowledge of choosing different exposure modes is essential to learning the material. Contact the studio for guidance if unsure.

  • Class cancellation policies:

    • no refunds/transfers/substitutions once class starts

    • transfer/substitution is possible at any point before the class starts

    • refunds are possible with at least three days’ notice before the class starts.