I’m participating in a competition that requires me to shoot a different face each day of September and post the best shot from the session on Facebook as well as on my headshot photographer network website. **By shooting with me you agree to let me use your photo for marketing purposes, on social media and in my portfolio.


These are quick sessions compared to my typical paid headshot sessions. You show up and we will go right into the session. I will work with you for a few minutes on how to pose, expressions, etc. and then we start shooting. I'll snap several images until we have the shot and I'll send you on your way. Total time for you in and out the door, 15-20 minutes max.


If you need to cancel or reschedule, please provide at least 24 hours notice!

I know things come up and you are doing me a favor but please give me as much notice as you can if you need to cancel so I can book someone to take your place. With this competition I MUST shoot someone each day. If I miss a day because somebody bails on me at the last minute, I’m out of the competition so please PLEASE call me if you are not going to make it, even if it’s at the last-minute.


Keep it simple. This is a one-look shoot, so come in the outfit/top you want to wear and we'll get shooting right away. Remember, when you're picking out clothing options to bring with you, consider how they look from the chest up. Typically the photo will be cropped above the chest, so focus on the shoulders and the neckline of the shirt/outfit. You want clothes that give a clean, defined look. Have a look at my portfolio to see the type of clothing that works.

Here are some tips about what is best to wear in your headshot:

  • clothes you love - you look great in - you feel great in
  • clothes that are form-fitting 
  • clothes that are one bold, SOLID color (bonus points if they match/bring out your eye color)
  • clothes that are black, white or any shade of gray
  • No busy patterns or prints
  • No need for jewelry or accessories

Clothing should not distract from the 'important stuff' which are your face and your eyes.


If you choose to get your makeup done by a professional, I highly recommend going with one of the specialists I team up with. Makeup runs about $125. If hair is needed (simple curling, smoothing etc.), there would be an additional charge.

If you do plan to use one of my makeup artists, give me a heads up, as scheduling might have to change. Makeup is one hour prior to our shoot.

If you're planning on going elsewhere, or doing your makeup yourself, again, keep it simple. You want your headshot to represent you. Dramatic makeup 'fads' will date your headshot. The going trend now, is usually out in a year... a natural look is timeless.

Try to avoid:

  • heavy eyeliner (on the top and the bottom), avoid sharp, hard lines.
  • eyeshadow 
  • penciled in eyebrows with a harsh line, make it natural
  • fake eyelashes (they weigh down the eyelids, and cause you to look drowsy)
  • too much blush
  • lip liner
  • lipstick (bring in a clear/neutral gloss to keep your lips shiny and/or a hydrating lipstick in neutral colors, to even out chapped lips and unevenness)
  • powder foundation (liquid concealer is much better on camera)

There are a few YouTube videos I encourage you to watch before you come for your session.

  1. It's All About the Jaw! gives great info on how to pose your face for maximum jawline exposure (no double chin) which helps everyone to look their best in headshots.
  2. It's All About the Squinch! teaches a technique that I coach everyone to do with their eyes. It gives you a look of confidence which is key in a great headshot.
  3. Finally Hold Your Sub is a cool technique that only works for headshots. It looks funny in person and feels awkward, but it works like magic! It's a way of holding your arms so that the upper part of your torso that is visible in your headshot looks as slim as possible, which again, is usually something we all want in our headshots.

Once your session is over, I will choose the best shot and post it online that evening. I will email the image (web-resolution) to you as well and you will be free to use it however/wherever you choose. Please know that due to the turnaround time with this competition, your headshot will not be retouched in the way that I normally do for my standard headshot sessions. I will tweak the color and may clean up any noticeable blemishes, if you have any, but it will for the most part be a straight-out-of-camera image that I post and share for the contest and send to you.


If you would like to "upgrade" your selected headshot to be retouched by my professional retouching partners, I charge $50 per image for that. Rest assured, we will do everything we can DURING your shoot to make sure your image is great even without retouching (as I always do) and there is no obligation to purchase retouching for your photo. Everything from my lighting, to the direction I give you in front of the camera, is designed to minimize the need for heavy retouching. That being said, most people can benefit from a little bit of skin retouching (patches of dry skin, bumps, uneven makeup), so if you like what you see in my previous work and desire more polish for your headshot, I want to make it available to you.

Please note, if you decide to add retouching, it may take longer than usual (a few weeks) to receive your retouched photo as this month is going to be insane for me with this competition along with all of my other client projects I have going on.


I have also had a few people ask me about upgrading their free #SNAPTEMBER session to one of my standard paid headshot sessions. This option is absolutely available to you (but certainly not required). Benefits to this are, more time in the studio with me, more wardrobe options, digital copies of all of the best photos we shoot, your own private online proofing gallery after the shoot to pick out your favorite images, standard retouching included, and full copyrights to your final image(s) delivered in high-resolution.

I have three different levels of paid headshot sessions (listed to the right). More info on my headshots page. Due to the scheduling challenges with this competition and additional preparation required for paid headshot sessions, upgrades will need to be purchased in advance here on my website. And as a thank you for upgrading, I am offering 30% off all session upgrades for #SNAPTEMBER participants. Enter promo code SNAPTEMBER during checkout. 


Please feel free to reach out with any other questions that you have. Call or text me at 425-273-2365 or email me at pete@hire-me-headshots.com. Looking forward to seeing you for your session! Thank you SO MUCH for your participation!!! I apologize in advance that I may not be able to accommodate everyone due to schedules/availability.

  • 15-20 Minute Studio Session
  • 1 Look (Outfit)
  • Instant Review of Images
  • 1 Digital Minimally Retouched Image

15715 Main St. NE
Studio 202
Duvall, WA  98019

We are about one block south of the light on Main St and Woodinville-Duvall Rd. The building is next door to the Shell station. There is street parking on Main St, but we suggest driving around back and parking behind the building. The studio is on the back side of the building looking west out toward the valley.

Although the studio space is 202, it is a bit backwards as that from the back of the building we are on the ground floor, but if you enter from Main St. you need to go downstairs and through the glass door (or two) to the back of the building.

My cellphone is: 425-273-2365, text or call if there are any problems, etc.




100% Optional

30% Off During #SNAPTEMBER

  • Express Session $175 (reg. $250)
  • Professional Session $245 (reg. $350)
  • Branding Session $367.50 (reg. $525)

+ 8.6% WA Sales Tax

Additional Makeup Services:
  • Professional Makeup Application (by one of my makeup artists) +$125
  • Makeup services are 100% optional but highly recommended (for women only). Men should come well moisturized.